Yoga Swing Poses at Night: Benefits, Best Poses & Tips

Yoga Swing Poses at Night

When it comes to doing yoga swing poses, most people will tell you to do them in the morning.

And while a morning, aerial yoga session can be highly invigorating and boost your productivity, it may not be possible for some people.

For instance, you may find yourself in a situation where you may have to rush somewhere in the morning. And you may not have the time to do some asana with your yoga swing.

The good news is, you can still schedule a session of yoga swing poses at night. And you will enjoy some of the benefits of a morning session combined with those of a nighttime practice.


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Read on to learn more about the benefits of yoga swing poses at night, the best poses for nighttime yoga and tips for relaxation.


Benefits of Yoga Swing Poses at Night

Yoga Swing Poses at Night BenefitsAs mentioned above, doing yoga swing poses at night or in the later evening comes with numerous benefits.

They include:

Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a normal way of life. And unfortunately, it’s inevitable. For instance, you may argue with your colleagues at work. And that altercation may end up stressing you.

The good news is, aerial yoga provides several ways of alleviating the stress that may be bothering you.

For example, when you incorporate meditation and deep breathing into your nighttime antigravity yoga practice, they will help you to relax, thus allowing you to sleep comfortably at night.

You simply need to select some breathing yoga swing poses and exercises, and they will help to calm down your anxiety or the stress that’s bothering you.

And when you are relaxed, you will enjoy quality sleep and you will wake up feeling energized and refreshed the following day.

Boosts Circulation

If your job involves prolonged sitting or standing, blood may pool in your legs, leading to swelling, among other discomforts.

With time, you may end up with blood clots as well as low energy levels. And when this happens, most people usually turn to conventional treatment methods, involving various types of medications.

The problem is, such treatment methods may not provide a long-lasting solution, besides being expensive.

And this is where aero yoga swing poses come in. Spending approximately 30 minutes doing some mindful breathing combined with deep stretching will help to improve circulation in your body.

And with improved circulation, your immune system will be enhanced, thus helping you to fight common infections. Also, improved circulation will help to remove harmful toxins from your body.

As a result, you will sleep comfortably at night.

Promotes Better Sleep

Most health experts advise against working out at night, claiming it may affect your sleep since the body will take longer to cool down.

And while this is partly true, some types of physical activities such as antigravity yoga poses can help you to promote better sleep.

Unlike weightlifting, aerobics or other intensive workouts that may strain your body, aerial yoga swing poses work the other way.

They will help your mind and body to relax, unwind, and let go of the tension in your body. And as you may probably know, you will find it easier to sleep.

Also, you will sleep for longer hours, compared to someone who slept feeling tired and stressed.

Healthier Nighttime Routine

Most people spend their evenings watching TV or scrolling through their phones.

And while there is nothing wrong with watching TV or using your phone, the blue light that these devices emit can make it harder for you to sleep, especially if you do it close to your bedtime.

Therefore, it’s highly advisable to adopt a healthier nighttime routine, which involves spending lesser time in front of a screen – and a session of aerial yoga can help with that.

So, instead of watching TV, you can instead opt for aerial yoga poses.

This session will not only help you to avoid your unhealthier nighttime routine but will also go a long way in promoting better sleep.

Can Boost Weight Loss

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, then you should consider adding antigravity yoga swing poses to your evening routine.

Spending 30 to 45 minutes every evening doing strengthening aerial yoga poses will boost your metabolism significantly.

Consequently, this will encourage your body to burn more calories, even when you are sleeping.

And once you manage to shed some calories, digestion-related issues will reduce significantly, thus helping you to sleep better.

However, it will be highly advisable to avoid strenuous poses just before bedtime, as they may be counterproductive.


Best Bedtime Yoga Swing Poses

Yoga Swing Poses at Night Best PosesWhen it comes to bedtime aerial yoga, you will need to choose certain poses, to enjoy maximum benefits.

For instance, you will need to choose poses that will help both your mind and body to relax. So, which are the best poses for an evening session?

Here are a few to consider:

Floating Child Pose Aerial

Also known as Balasana, the child pose is one of the best poses for an evening yoga swing session.

It helps to calm mind, body and soul. It will also help to stretch the lower back gently while massaging and toning the abdominal organs.

This pose will also stimulate digestion, help the body to get rid of toxins and even aid in weight loss.

But considering this pose involves stretching the knees, you should consider doing it with props, if you are less mobile or recovering from a knee injury.

You can also opt to modify it slightly, to avoid putting too much strain on your knees. For example, you can open your knees wider, thus making the pose easier.

Seated Forward Bend Aerial

The seated forward bend is one of the most popular yoga poses. And unlike the conventional yoga version that involves sitting on the ground, you will be instead hanging on your yoga swings.

From there, you will need to raise your legs off the ground and hold them for a minute or so.

And as you hold your legs, you will also need to inhale deeply and focus on your breathing.

When done properly, this antigravity yoga swing pose will help to calm the mind and alleviate depression, stretch and relax the spine, stimulate the abdominal organs, soothe headaches, and improve digestion, among other amazing benefits.

Upward Facing Dog

The upward-facing dog is a highly popular yoga swing pose. It’s widely recognized due to the wide range of health benefits that it offers.

And just like other back-bending poses, the upward-facing dog is vital for a healthy back.

Considering that most of the tasks that we do involve folding the torso forward, we may eventually end up with sore back muscles. Also, folding the torso forward frequently may eventually lead to weak abdominals.

This is where this pose comes in.. It will help to open up the chest cavity, thus helping to prevent rounding of the spine, which usually occurs from frequent hunching.

The upward-facing dog will also help to stimulate your abdominal muscles. Since this yoga swing pose involves stretching the abdominal muscles, it will therefore massage your abdominal organs, thus helping them to relax.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you may eventually end up with weak back muscles. Fortunately, this pose can help to address this problem.

As you move through the various phases of this pose, it will help to stretch and work your back muscles, eventually making them stronger.

Corpse Pose

Also called the sleeping pose, this pose is usually done at the end of a yoga swing practice session.

To perform this pose, you will first need to sit on your hammock, and then stretch it fully, so that you are sleeping on your back.

You then need to close your eyes and relax your entire body. You should try to hold it for at least 5 minutes before you end your session.

When done regularly, this antigravity yoga swing pose will help to reduce stress and anxiety, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, promote better sleep, stimulate circulation, and reduce headaches.


Tips for Nighttime Aerial Yoga

Yoga Swing Poses at Night TipsWhen it comes to aerial yoga swing poses at night, you will need to follow certain strategies and approaches, to ensure you get maximum benefits from your practice.

First, you should avoid intensive suspended yoga poses. Instead, you should go for slower poses, which will are breathing-focused, restorative and calming.

Second, it will be highly advisable to do your Gravotonics yoga swing session in a dimly lit room. You can also make the environment more relaxing by adding some soft music.

Third, you will need to create a peaceful and healthier sleeping environment. For instance, you should de-clutter the room and remove all electronics.

You can also add some essential oils for aerial yoga, to make the environment even more relaxing.


Yoga Swing Poses at Night

As much as it may appear challenging, bedtime aerial yoga is certainly attainable.

And as noted above, doing yoga swing poses at night will help to clear and de-clutter the mind, ease tension, help your body to relax, and calm the mind.

And most importantly, it will to help you to enjoy a good and refreshing night’s sleep.





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