Yoga Swings Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Yoga Swings Cleaning

Regular yoga swings cleaning is extremely important…

Regardless of how often you use your yoga swings, they are going to get sweaty and dirty. And as you probably know, working out on dirty swings will not be a pleasant experience.

Furthermore, the accumulation of sweat, dirt, and oils can expedite the deterioration of your yoga swing.

A dirty, sweaty yoga swing provides a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and other disease-causing organisms.


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In this guide, we will talk about how to take care of your yoga swings,
so that you can keep them fresh and prolong their lifespan.


yoga swings cleaning tipsImportance of Washing Aerial Yoga Swings

As noted above, dirt, sweat and oils will accumulate on your yoga swings with time, whether you use them often or not – thus the need for regular cleaning.

Here are some additional reasons why you should wash your yoga swings..


· They will absorb dirt and bacteria: Yoga swings are made of porous fabric, which means it will absorb dust, dirt and bacteria. The trapped dirt and bacteria can become a health risk, leading to various illnesses. Cleaning them regularly will help to remove the dirt and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi while keeping them fresh and nice for use.

· They may start stinking: If you sweat heavily when working out, then your yoga swings will also absorb that sweat. With time, they may start producing bad odors, making them unpleasant for use.

· The swings may become slippery: if you wear lotions or makeup when doing aerial yoga poses for back pain, they will also be absorbed by the fabric. And they may become slippery, making it difficult to execute your poses properly and become dangerous.

· They may start smelling musty: If you don’t use your yoga swings often or you’ve stored them away in a damp environment for a long time, they may develop a musty smell. Therefore, you will need to wash them so that you can remove these bad odors.

· Dirt and dust can reduce their lifespan: Buildup of dirt, dust, sweat, and oils may damage your yoga swing and fasten their deterioration.


As you can see, you have every reason to keep your anti-gravity yoga swings clean at all times. Cleaning them regularly will help to keep them fresh, prolong their lifespan and prevent the build-up of germs etc.


Tips for Yoga Swings Cleaning

If you are cleaning your yoga hammocks for the first time, you may be probably wondering how to do it or where to start. Well, yoga swings cleaning is not as complex as you may think.


Here are some easy tips to follow for yoga swings cleaning..

  1. Remove any metal hardware: Before you start washing your yoga hammocks and yoga swing, first remove the carabiners or any metal hardware if possible. Washing them when the metal pieces are still in place can damage your washing machine. If not, you can use a laundry bag to add extra padding to the metal pieces.
  2. Remove the knots: Apart from removing the metal hardware, you also need to get the knots out before you wash your aerial silks and hammocks. The knots may be harboring some dirt or bacteria, which may not come off if you fail to undo them. If the handles are removable, then you should hand-wash them separately.
  3. Put them in the washing machine: Once you’ve finished removing the metal hardware and undoing the knots, then it’s time to put them in the washing machine. However, it’s important to note that you should only use a front loading machine for washing your yoga swing. While top loaders are great for cleaning heavily stained fabric, their rigorous washing cycles may damage the fabric of your yoga hammocks.
  4. Use gentle-cleaning detergents: When washing your aerial yoga swings, make sure you use gentle washing soap. Using harsh washing detergents may degrade and damage the fabric with time, thus shortening its lifespan.
  5. Air-dry them: After you’ve finished washing your yoga hammocks, you should now hang them outside to dry. Ensure you hang them where there is no direct sunlight, since it may lead to discoloration. Also, you should not tumble dry, regardless of the circumstances. Just like hanging them in direct sunlight, drying your yoga swing using a dryer will shorten their lifespan.


aerial yoga swings cleaning


Cleaning the Hardware

While your yoga swing hardware may not require frequent or intense cleaning, it’s advisable to wipe them occasionally. You can use a microfiber cloth and gentle cleaning spray to wipe them clean.

If there are any ropes or daisy chains, it’s advisable to soak them separately and give them ample time to dry before you hang them again.

You should also take this opportunity to check for damaged or loose hardware, and then make the necessary adjustments.


Disinfecting Yoga Swings

Fungus, bacteria, and germs could all be living on your yoga swings.

Therefore, besides washing your inversion yoga swing, you also need to disinfect them regularly, to kill these harmful organisms.

You can either use a homemade sanitizer or buy a commercial pre-made one. For a homemade sanitizer, you can mix tea tree oil, lavender and lemon essential oils.

Tea tree oil has powerful anti-fungal properties while lemon and lavender essential oils will help to kill germs, bacteria and fungi.

If you are not in a position to prepare a sanitizer at home, then you can just buy an alcohol based one from a store near you.

You can spray and wipe the swings in between sessions, or you can also add the sanitizer to your washing solution so that it can work together with the cleaning detergent.


yoga swings cleaning for aerial yoga classesTaking Care of Your Yoga Swings

How well you take care of your anti-gravity yoga swings will determine their lifespan. So, if you take proper care of them, then you will definitely use them for a longer period.

While regular washing will help to keep your yoga swing in great condition, day-to-day care is equally important.


Here are some handy care and maintenance tips to consider:

· Don’t work out with jewelry: You shouldn’t wear watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other types of jewelry when performing aerial yoga poses. Wearing them can damage the fabric.

Also, the jewelry may get caught in the fabric, leading to serious accidents and injuries. Therefore, stay clear of any type of jewelry whenever you are working out using aerial yoga swing.

· Avoid wearing lotions, body oils, moisturizers, and heavy makeup: Whenever you are going for aerial yoga sessions, it’s highly advisable to avoid makeup, lotions, and moisturizers. As you perform the different poses, the lotions and oils will stick in the yoga swing fabric and attract dirt and dust.

Furthermore, they may make the swings slippery, leading to slips and falls.

· Keep your pets away from the swings: There is a high chance that your dogs or cats will love playing with the swings since they resemble their toys or get excited with you performing your poses. However, they may tear the yoga fabric using their sharp claws making them unsafe for use.. Also, they may leave fleas on your yoga swings!

So, make sure you install your aerial yoga swings in a place that dogs and cats cannot access.

· Store your swings properly: If you will be traveling or you don’t intend to use your yoga swings for a long duration, you should take them down, pack them and store them in a cool and dry place.

When you leave them hanging, they will collect dust, dirt and moisture.

· Wash your hands and feet before your training sessions: You will be constantly using your hands and feet when performing various yoga positions. And these areas of the body tend to collect a lot of dirt. Washing your hands and feet before your practice will prevent the transfer and spread of bacteria to the swings.

It will also help to keep the swings cleaner for a longer period. You can either wash your hands with plain water or just use baby wipes.

· Air-dry your swings: If you practice on your yoga swings several times a week, washing them after every session may not be practical. If you are in such a situation, you should consider air-drying them in between the washes, to help remove the sweat and moisture.

Simply opening up the hammock as wide as possible to allow the air to dry them will also help to prevent the build-up of bacteria and fungi – which tend to thrive in warm and moist environments.


Keep Your Yoga Swings Clean!

yoga swings cleaning and maintenanceRegular yoga swings cleaning, fresh and well-kept will help to keep them safe, extend their lifespan and save you money.

It will also help to stop the spread of germs, fungi, bacteria and viruses, which may lead to infections and illnesses. And as you as you can see, taking care of your yoga swings is not as hard as some people assume.

With the right procedures and products, you can ensure that your yoga swing will last a long time.





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